we sign it - There’s no word to say it !!

There’s no word to say it !!

Dear Mister President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council.
You are entitled to request the CESE to address any particular question on your own initiative. 
This is why we are asking you, by way of a citizens’ petition, to encourage a debate that would make it possible to create a word in the French language for a parent who has lost a child.


The Act on the Use of the French Language states that any French citizen has a right to use his or her language for every aspect of their daily life, including public services. This right is not upheld for parents who have lost a child and who must provide information about their family circumstances.
Do you have children? How many children do you have?
A parent who has lost a child remains the father or mother of that child. 
How is he or she supposed to answer these questions?
Every child has a full part in his or her family’s history and our responsibility towards them as parents has been asserted through the Declaration of the Rights of the Child proclaimed by the United Nations in 1959: to give birth in the best conditions, to bestow love, to protect and educate, to assist the child throughout its life.
 Asking the parent of a child in absentia to provide information about their family status in everyday life and on official documents although there is no word to express it means
compelling the parent to refer to death every time they need to speak about their child
 denying the memory of the child
depriving the parent of their love for the child
condemning the parent to isolation because of the fear of not knowing “how to explain”
We support and encourage a civic deliberation on the wording appropriate for a parent who has lost a child.



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